Oyo and Kristine wedding pictures just keep coming

The Oyo Sotto and Kristine Hermosa wedding was held two days ago already but admit it, until now we still could not get over it as we eagerly look for the Oyo and Kristine's wedding pictures.

Many people are so interested to see how gorgeous Oyo was in his suit and what Kristine's wedding gown looked like, and most especially, how beautiful the bride was.

Of course, with Kristine having one of the most beautiful faces in the industry, we expect her to look her best and be in her most gorgeous form on her wedding day.

Last night on SNN, Boy Abunda and Bianca Gonzales were talking about some wedding pictures of Oyo and Kristine that they saw before the show and according to them, they were in great awe of how beautiful Kristine was during the wedding.

"So beautiful! As in parang hindi pa 'ko makapaniwala na may taong ganung kaganda...grabe!," Bianca was quoted saying on SNN.

I think they're referring to the photos shared on Facebook by Mayor Edmundo Buencamino and wife Claire, and were later re-posted in Kristine-Oyo thread at PEX. [Mr. Edmundo is a former mayor of San Miguel, Bulacan and was one of the principal sponsors in the Oyo-Tin wedding.]

Just log on there if you wanna see those pictures.

The pics are also up at Kristine Hermosa's Official Facebook Page.

And I totally agree with Boy and Bianca. Kristine was such a beautiful bride!

The pics are not the official pictures, but they were able to capture how happy Oyo and Kristine were on that special moment of their lives. Take a look at some of them!

Beautiful couple!

Ganda talaga!

Wacky shots!

Oyo's parents Dina Bonnevie and Vic Sotto (Sweet pa rin nila 'no? Magkabalikan kaya?)

[You can watch their wedding video HERE.]

Also found in the said forum are another set of pictures, courtesy of Recap Acoustic. And here are some of them:

The bride walking down the aisle

The couple during the wedding ceremony

Exchange of vows

The newly-weds pose for their official portrait

with their parents

with their principal sponsors

their respective families

Tin and Oyo with the pics' uploader Recap acoustic band

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  2. So beautiful ! Kristine Hermosa is a vision, a sight to behold and Oyo Sotto looks so happy and full of love.

  3. thank you very much for the pics... am so glad..

  4. she is a very happy and beautiful bride! these pictures tell it all!

  5. best wishes oyo & tin GANDA TALAGA!!!! parang shining star si tin sa sobrang ganda nya sana 4ever kayong mgmahalan!!!!

  6. great view for a beautiful bride like tin.......love all the photos...


  8. I really like this captions , both Oyo and Kristine seems so happy and enjoy with their wedding ceremony.. I wish that they stay forever and ever...

  9. HI,
    ang ganda ng wedding mo idle sana ako rin ganyan kahit makasuot man lang ng puti.

  10. well mganda nman pa rin tlaga

  11. i like this wedding oyo &tin

  12. Si Oyo is a gentleman and a very responsible person, m pretty sure he will be a great husband to tin and their kids! For me tin is very lucky, he got the right guy who will love her forever!

  13. grabe talaga ganda ni kristine super angelic at parng magneto sa ganda di mgsasawa sa kakatingin ang sino man kumikislap habang tinitingnan mo lalo sying gumaganda......swerte ni oyo na super din sa kagwapuhan bagay lang sila sa isat isa.god bless oyo & tin sana magaing matatag kayo at maging center sa inyo si LORD para magabayan ang pagsasama nyo at wag ma2lad sa ibang couple ng showbiz na nghiwalay sa katagalan..LONG LIVE OYO & TIN BEST WISHES!!!!!!

  14. Kristine deserves to be happy dapat noon pa, swerte ni Oyo at si Kristine ang nagustuhan nya. You both deserves to be happy. Kaya sorry sa mga naging bf ni Kristine malas nyo lang pinakawalan nyo pa si Tintin. Love you Tin & good luck.

  15. super talaga sa ganda si tin wala talagang makakapantay sa ganda nya kumikislap talaga ibang iba ang beauty nya super bait at mapagmahal at the way she looks maging maalaga syng asawa at perfect mother sa mga magiging anak ninyo wish ko na makarami kayo para madagdagan ang mundo ng magaganda at mababait na tao, congrats to oyo you are so very lucky to have and love tin in your life...

  16. vic showed up looking like a bum on his son's wedding??

  17. congradulation guys wish u all da best

    so beautiful n u so cute together especially da maninginingi movie hahahah nway hope u the best

    love u
    from a tongan girl(florence nigtingale whisky)

  18. She's pretty!both happy and inlove...congrat's guy's...and gud luck...

  19. ganda na tin... :-)

  20. best wishes oyo & kristine....

  21. best wishes to both of u

  22. Oh dear!!! Dina's face undoubtedly and obviously retouched way beyond looking natural. She looks like Michael Jackson. Who has been doing her face? need to know so I dont engage the services of that doctor. Dont want to look like FRANKENSTEIN!!! I would rather die with a naturally-aged lookin face than a FRANKIE. look at her photo with Vic Sotto.

  23. Survey Tool.j_annMay 25, 2011 at 4:34 PM

    hope for all couples' weddings there will be no endings! cheers!!!!

  24. This shot is really awesome and looks so cool. You both are looking really Stunning.Thanks for sharing.:)
    Wedding photographer Glasgow

  25. Awesome wedding..This is what kind of wedding I want to be...a beach wedding...I am happy for you tin..I will suggest also to renew their vow..after a years........