Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing photos make some Bieber fans really mad

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez indeed have real kissing photos now
circulating on the net starting yesterday, January 3, 2010.

I was right that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are the couple to watch this 2011 especially with their reported hook-up in Miami last month and the news that Justin reportedly gave Selena a diamond bracelet as a
Christmas gift.

But I never thought that it's going to be this early, when a real "scandal" of them would break in this 3rd day of 2011.

Last December 28, an alleged kissing photo of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez was posted on a Bieber fan blog, but it was believed to be as
fake and photoshopped, at least according to Bieber's rep.

A week later, the website TMZ.com has posted 5 photos allegedly of Bieber and Gomez, and this time around, they really are the couple in the pics, one of which shows Bieber kissing Selena.

They can't deny the photos. It's very much them.

The pictures were reportedly taken last weekend while the two were celebrating the New Year at the Caribbean island of St. Lucia.

Here are two of those photos: one shows Justin Bieber kissing Selena Gomez and the other one shows Bieber grabbing Gomez' butt:

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez kissing photos

Justin and Selena kissing pics on a yacht in St. Lucia

Wow, they really are one odd couple. Selena, who's 18, is really taller and bigger than Justin, who's only 16 and looks like her little brother.

The photos actually show that Justin is also a normal teenager and he's got the moves of a man with real testosterone.

But some Bieber fans could not easily accept it.

On Twitter, you can read lots of hate tweets against Selena with some fans are even threatening to kill the Disney star. Scary!

I've picked just three of the many tweets:

_lurveJBkrushh: "@selenagomez I hate u sooo bad!!!!! U thinnk u can go & fool around with Justin Bieber and still think people like u!! Hah. Ur a failure!"

amysings10: "@selenagomez don't touch @justinbieber you are b****, kill you selena stupid stupid you always with famous boys you R a very
very b****."

jAvianaa: "@selenagomez i hate you. You use ppl for fame. I hope
justin realizes that ur not better than jasmine (villegas) and he dumps ur pathetic ass."

2011 has just started but it already promises a year of intrigues and real hot issues about Justin and Selena. Goodluck to the new couple!

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  1. wow!! I don't hate Bieber but I don't like him too.. i just like his song "Baby" which is annoying yet surprisingly catchy.
    But his Obsess Fans! I hate them.. They're crazy.. They're a bunch of coo-coos getting gaga over Justin Bieber. Those tweets, seriously, get a life!

  2. why do they hate selena gomez ? she is much prettier than jasmine villegas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. http://www.okultube.com/selena-gomez-is-my-valentine.html

  4. Justin bieber would never touch Selena Gomez butt that's so Inapropriate why do u guys hate them so much there the cutest couples ever god what's your freakin problem?!