Justin Bieber poses for new PETA 2011 ad

Justin Bieber poses once again for PETA and he's not naked again.

In his previous PETA ad, Justin used his "My World" album in the ad's tagline (My World Includes Compassion for Animals. Yours Should Too)
campaigning against animal cruelty.

But in his new PETA ad this 2011, Justin Bieber uses his hit single "U
Smile" in his campaign inviting the public to adopt an animal instead of purchasing them.

Justin Bieber PETA

"Animals can make U Smile. Adopt from your local shelter" is the
message Bieber wants to impart to anyone in his new PETA ad.

Sounds convincing.

But I think this one sounds better: "Justin Bieber can make U Smile. Make him your pet now!"

I hope Justin will finally get naked for PETA the next time. Do you like that too?

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