Piolo Pascual finally admits relationship with KC Concepcion | KC is Piolo's 1st girlfriend in 8 years! Wow!

Piolo Pascual has finally admitted that he's in a relationship with KC Concepcion.

Piolo Pascual and KC Concepcion has long been rumored as boyfriend-girlfriend but it's only now that Piolo is confirming it to the public.

On The Buzz this afternoon, he revealed to host and fellow Thomasian Charlene Gonzalez that he and KC have been "on" since October 21, 2010.

Still new! But Piolo disclosed in the live interview that he courted KC for two long years. Wow!

He also apologized to the viewers and the fans if he only admitted it just now because he has to protect the emotion and the feeling of his 13-year-old son, Iñigo Pascual.

I actually can't grasp his reason but probably it's because Iñigo was against their relationship, but now everything is okay with his son so Piolo's now ready to admit it. That's how I interpret what he said.

He also cited another reason why he's officially admitting his romance with KC, who he calls as 'My Princess'. "Para tumigil na 'yung nagpaparinig kay Kristina. Joke!... Marami kasi nagsasabing may gusto kay Kristina, gusto siyang i-date. So I would like to let everyone know that she's taken."

In my previous post, I already took notice that lately, Piolo has become vocal of his true feelings for KC after atleast 3 men openly expressed admiration for KC. They were BlackEyedPeas' Apl.de.ap, Daboy's son Rhap Fernandez and Azkals' Phil Younghusband.

For the record, it's only the first time that Piolo is proud to announce on national TV that he has a girlfriend.

As revealed by Piolo Pascual himself, KC is his first girlfriend in 8 years. (Pops Fernandez was, I guess, his last gf before KC.)

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  1. wow at last inamin narin ni pj na talagang mahal nya si kc at matagal na silang mg on...how sweet of you pj lalao ka naming minahal at kilig na kilig kami habang kausap mo si charlene....bagay kayo talaga ni kc at kayo dapat ang mgaka2luyan 2 at kaming mga fans nyo laging susu4rta parin sa inyo lalao ngayoin kayo ng 2 ni kc..love u pj at kc sana lalo pang maging strong ang relasyon nyong 2 at god bless sa inyo ni kc!!!!!