Phil and James Younghusband: Are they joining Jakarta F.C. 1928? | Their decision will be revealed this week

Phil Younghusband of the Azkals will reveal this week his and brother James' decision about the offer to join Jakarta Football Club 1928 in Indonesia.

According to Phil's tweet posted Sunday afternoon, he can't reveal yet their decision but an announcement regarding that might be made within this week.

"Hey all! I can't answer any questions right now regarding Jakarta FC but hopefully all the speculations will be resolved within the week," Phil said on Twitter.

Oh no! Sounds like he and James already gave their nod to Jakarta F.C. whose officials personally came here in the Philippines to invite the Younghusbands to play for them.

Phil was also posting tweets praising his Indonesian fans, tweets that are actually Phil's responsonses to the fans' queries.

"all the fans in Indonesia are very supportive and I hope to visit Indonesia soon."

"I think Indonesian people are very nice and supportive :-)"

"yes I love Indonesian people :-)"

Are those tweets an indication that Phil and James Younghusband has accepted Jakarta F.C. 1928's offer? Or it's Phil's way of consoling his Indonesian fans because they turned down the offer?

As what Phil said, we shall know this week.

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  1. ang cute ni phil. ang yummy nya, hehehe.

  2. Maybe! we shall soon find out on the next episode!

  3. They need more exposure, who knows tulungan tayo ng Indonesia to improve our football team.