Poll: What's your new favorite "Shoutout" team?

"Shoutout" introduces new groupings of the teenmates starting today, January 24, 2011.

Previously, there were 4 groups on Shoutout: the Mondeerifics, Tuesdelicious, Miyerkyulitz and Friends-Thurs.

Based on Mykiru's Poll, the Mondeerifics group was the top favorite with 37.49% followed by the Tuesdelicious group which had 25.73% of the total votes.

The Mondeerifics was composed of Ann Li, Julia Montes, Rhap Salazar, Ryan Bang, Jenny Kim and more while the Tuesdelicious consisted of James Reid, Devod Seron, Emman Vera, Piero Vergara etc.

In 3rd place with 21.81% was the Friends-Thurs with members such as Tricia Santos, Ivan Dorschner, Yen Santos, A-Pop and a more.

The Miyerkulitz, composed of Bret Jackson, Fretzie Bercede, Jane Oineza, Miles Ocampo, John Manalo, Kathryn Bernado etc, was the least favorite with only 14.98%.

And now, as "Shoutout" changes its name to "Shoutout Level Up", they're just grouped into three: Team Coolelatz, Team Overload and Team Up.

Take a look at how the teenmates were grouped:

Team Coolelatz
Auriette Divina, Bret Jackson, Enrique Gil, Fretzie Bercede, Hannah Flores, Inno Martin, Jaco Benin, John Manalo, Julia Montes, Kathryn Bernardo, Kiray Celis, Kyle Amor, Makisig Morales, Mikylla Ramirez

Team Overload
Aria Clemente, Ann Li, Devon Seron, James Reid, Joe Vargas, Linn Oeymo, Mica Caldito
Miles Ocampo, Nel Gomez, Paul Salas, Sue Dodd, Tippy Dos Santos, Tricia Santos

Team Up

Benjamin De Guzman, Bianca Casado, Jane Oineza, Yen Santos, Rhap Salazar, Thara Jordana, James Torres, Emman Vera, Piero Vergara, Patrick Sugui, Ivan Dorschner, Jenny Kim, Ryan Bang, Young JV

For sure, you now have a new favorite team on Shoutout. Let us know by voting on this poll:

Photo courtesy of Joffey Cruz via Ivan Dorschner Facebook Page

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