Cristine Reyes returns on ASAP | Fan allegedly shouted "kubeta" at Cristine

Cristine Reyes made a sizzling comeback on ASAP Rocks when it was staged live at the Iloilo Sports Complex yesterday, January 23, 2011.

Cristine did three production numbers: first was with boyfriend Rayver Cruz and some other teleserye stars, secondly the "Telephone" prod with comedian Pokwang and the last one was an all-star number.

She also did some hosting spiels in the show.

It marked Cristine's comeback on ASAP after not showing up on the show for almost two months.

She used to be a regular performer on ASAP but she quit the show after a misunderstanding with Sarah Geronimo.

Sarah meanwhile was not present on ASAP's live presentation in Iloilo yesterday.

It's unknown if Cristine only appeared on ASAP because Sarah was not scheduled to be part of the Iloilo episode, or Sarah decided not to join yesterday's show because Cristine will also be part of it. We just don't know.

But of course, it would still be better if we get to see both of them in one episode of ASAP Rocks, as if nothing happened between them.

Cristine Reyes' return on ASAP was perfectly fine except that a fan allegedly shouted "kubeta" at her. You can hear it very clearly while Cristine was doing her sexy prod with boyfriend and "Kristine" co-star Zanjoe Marudo.

Here's a video and judge if it was indeed a "kubeta" or something else. The fan shouted it twice. You can hear it on the 3:51 and 3:52 parts of the video.

"Kubeta" is the Tagalog term for Comfort Room or C.R. which incidentally is also the initials of Cristine Reyes' name.

But that fan definitely has her own reason why she has to shout it out at Cristine.

Other than that, Cristine also received loud cheers from the audience, which includes her fans, the Aadiks, who were there to support her.

Video upload courtesy of lynecon

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