Bryann Foronda like a Greek god in Cosmo's Centerfolds 2010

22-year-old Bryann Foronda is as hot as the "Greek gods" in Cosmopolitan's Centerfolds 2010.

Bryann Foronda shirtless

With that well-chiseled jaw line and prominent eyebrows, Bryann Foronda reminds you of the gorgeous and masculine "Greek gods".

His inviting pose is like he's asking you to bite him. Or he'll be the one to bite you. Irresistible!

The first time I heard of the name Bryann Foronda was when he won DepEd's Mr. Philippine Youth 2009 and represented the country in WCOPA the same year.

Last Summer, he was one of the Bench models in the Philippine Fashion Week Holiday 2010 and among the contestants of Cosmo's Summer Steamy Studs. He won there and being one of the "Centerfolds 2010" is his ultimate prize.

Bryann also modeled for SamSung and Hang Ten.

Image courtesy of Summit Media

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