Hot Indian teen Anysha Panesar wins America's Perfect Teen pageant

16-year-old Anysha Panesar won as America's Perfect Teen, but she's British-Indian and not an American. How did it happen?

Anysha Panesar hot photo

Anysha Panesar America's Perfect Teen

Pretty and hot Anysha Panesar, an Indian teen living and studying in Wales, was only enjoying a holiday in Florida, USA when she was recruited to join
America's Perfect Teen, a pageant in the US for teens age 16 to 19.

Anysha amazingly won the pageant, beating 50 other American teens.

And now, the losing candidates are reportedly protesting Anysha's victory in America's Perfect Teen pageant because she's not an American, according to online news reports.

But Anysha's camp believes they're just bitter and sourgraping. I agree!

All throughout the pageant, Anysha was representing Europe and it was already clear from the start that she's not an American.

I saw in the pageant website that aside from Anysha, there was another international contestant and she's from Puerto Rico.

As the winner, Anysha won $2,000 cash prize, a modeling contract and an $18,000-worth of scholarship to study TV Broadcasting in the US.

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