Australian Newspaper: "The Philippines does so well in playing the victim."

An article published a few hours ago says nothing good about the Philippines following the hostage drama that happened 10 days ago.

And it's not from a Chinese newspaper but from The Australian, a leading newspaper in Australia.

The article is entitled "Filipinos on the defensive after Siege fiasco", written by Emma-Kate Symons who has already written numerous articles about the Philippines since 2007.

You can read the article online.

It says that the Philippines is doing what is does so well and that is...playing the victim.

For an author to say that the Philippines does so well in playing the victim could mean that she has other Philippine incidents in mind aside from the hostage taking drama last August 23.

The write-up said that what happened is only a confirmation of all worst stereotypes of The Philippines as a lawless, chaotic nation of rank incompetents.

It also did mention about those Filipino writers and bloggers who are turning the whole drama into a kitsch telenovela tragedy where they're the victims from Chinese bullying and arrogance.

And for those people who believe that Maria Venus Raj's victory in the Miss Universe 2010 pageant helped beautify the image of the Philippines, the author thought otherwise.

She described Philippines as having sick public culture that prefers the beauty pageant circus of Miss Philippines placing in the Top 15 of Miss Universe to a wholesale examination of the national conscience.

Maybe, we just have to understand what the article said because as what I said right after the hostage drama, it was indeed shameful for our country.

In times like this, we just have to humble ourselves for whatever other races will say about us. They may always find fault in us, so let's just accept it and help find for a better solution so that it won't happen again.

Accepting your fault is still much better than finding fault in other people.

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