Charice on her "Glee" character: Sunshine Corazon is very, very Charice!

If "major, major" is for Venus Raj and "owver, owver" is for Melai Cantiveros, then Charice also has her own and that is "very, very".

Charice graced the premiere party of "Glee Season 2" yesterday in California and at the red carpet, Charice was asked by a reporter about her character (Sunshine Corazon) in the show.

She said: "I'm very, very happy that my character is Sunshine. Sunshine is very, very Charice, simple one, shy type."

And when asked about Lea Michelle, her rival in Glee, Chariced excitingly said, "We're like frenemies, I think that's the word...and we're gonna sing a very, very big song, Lady Gaga and Beyonce. It's 'Telephone'! So, it's gonna be amazing."

It has actually been Charice's habit to stress the word "very". In May 23, during her album launch in Glorietta, Charice told the audience: "I'm sure matutuwa kayo. A lot of people are talking about this thing. Very, very happy ako na naging part"

And also last July 23 in Thailand, she was asked by a Filipino reporter about Sam Concepcion, who beat her in "Little Big Star" five years ago and Charice answered: "Well, I'm very, very proud naman sa kanya."

It has become a Filipino way already to stress a word by repeating it twice, as one UP Professor said in an interview before. And there's actually nothing wrong with that.

But some people are already making fun of it, just like during the time when Venus Raj answered "major major" in the Miss Universe 2010 pageant. (Search "Charice very very" on Twitter. She's also trending there now.).

The said interview with Charice at the red carpet premiere party for Glee was shown on TV Patrol tonight and I was so much impressed with the way she talked. She conversed so well and sounded so good in an American accent. Keep it up Charice!

The 2nd season of Glee premieres September 21, 2010.

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