"Bukol King" Rocco Nacino voted as hottest Cosmo Centerfold for 2010

Just because of his eye-catching "you know" on his centerfold shot for Cosmopolitan Magazine, Rocco Nacino is now being dubbed as the new "Bukol King". Pwede!

And it's not a surprise that Rocco has been voted as the hottest among the 10 Cosmo Centerfolds for 2010, probably because of the "bukol" and his strong Pinoy features, which made him a standout over the others.

On Mykiru's Fun Poll which was conducted within 8 days asking the voters to pick the hottest Cosmo Centerfold, 316 people participated in the poll and Rocco was the top choice getting 31.33%.

Sam Milby, who's this year's cover guy, came in 2nd spot, but not close, getting only 14.87% followed by Carl Guevarra with 11.08%.

The rest all got below 10% of the votes.

Here's the poll results:

1. Rocco Nacino 31.33%
2. Sam Milby 14.87%
3. Carl Guevarra 11.08%
4. Tom Rodriguez 8.86%
5. Matteo Guidicelli 7.28%
6.5 Joross Gamboa 6.33%
6.5 Bryann Foronda 6.33%
8. Fabio Ide 6.01%
9. Marco Mañalac 5.06%
10. Christian Bautista 2.85%

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  1. hla..roco..
    anu bayan bkit kita ang BUKOl muh
    ang laki
    ang sarap nyan