Bye Bye Buwi! Buhawi Meneses, 3rd castoff on Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown

Parokya ni Edgar bassist Buhawi "Buwi" Meneses has been voted off from
Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.

As shown tonight on GMA 7, Magan tribe leader Buwi Meneses was the unanimous choice to leave the island by his 3 remaining members Elma Muros, Mico
Aytona and Solenn Heussaff.

Buwi said in his interview after the elimination that they probably considered him a big threat in the competition. Was
he really?

He's now the 3rd castoff of the season after Doc Ferdz Recio and Mykah Flores, who were also from Magan tribe.

For sure, many followers of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown are happy that Buwi is out of the game. They are those who hated Buwi
during the time when he, as the tribal leader who was given the power to eliminate one member, chose to vote off viewers' fave Doc Ferdz 2 weeks ago.


On Mykiru's Poll, Buwi is the least favorite castaway with only 1.56% of the total votes.

The Top 5 favorite castaways in the poll as of today are:

1. Ahron Villena 13.75%
2. Solenn Heussaff 10.63%
3. Akihiro Sato 9.06%
4. Ian Batherson 7.81%
5. Aubrey Miles 7.19%

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