Inverted Philippine flag (upside down) at Obama-Aquino meeting

The first ever meeting of US President Barack Obama and Philippine
President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III last Friday has created a
controversy due to an inverted Philippine flag.

inverted Philippine flag upside down

As seen in the photo above, the inverted Philippine flag was positioned behind President Noynoy during his meeting with Obama and other ASEAN leaders.

The Philippine flag was displayed upside down (with the red part on top of blue), it connotes that the country is declaring a war or in state of war.

Realizing the major major mistake, US Embassy spokesperson Rebecca Thompson immediately issued an apology on Sunday and stated that it
was an honest mistake.

It's unknown who first took notice of the inverted Philippine flag but definitely it's not Pres. Noy who obviously didn't notice it 'coz if he did, he should have corrected it before he positioned himself at Obama's table.

With that, maybe it must be a practice from now on for the President and for any government officials to always check the Philippine flag.

Photo courtesy of Daily Mail Online

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