Who sabotaged Miss Australia at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant? | Being suspected: Philippines (Venus Raj), Mexico (Jimena Navarrete) etc.

The sweet and lovely Miss Australia Jesinta Campbell is claiming that she was sabotaged at the Miss Universe 2010 pageant held two weeks ago in Las Vegas.

Oh that's not sweet!

Miss Australia sabotaged

Despite finishing 2nd Runner Up and awarded Miss Congeniality, Miss
Australia still could not forget the bitter memories she had during the pageant.

In an interview by Australia's Herald Sun just yesterday, Jesinta revealed that during the pageant, she discovered her national costume was full of pins. And she suspects that it was intentionally done.

Miss Australia isn't pointing fingers to any of her fellow candidates but she did mention about the overly competitive candidates like
Mexico, the Philippines and those coming from Central and South America.

From what I understand, even if she did not say it directly, those
competitive candidates or those associated with them are being suspected responsible for what happened.

"Winning is so important for those girls because they become queens in
their country and are worshipped if they win - and it changes
everything forever for them. But there were 82 other girls there and I can't narrow it down, so it's a mystery to me." Jesinta told Herald Sun.

She then cited the names of the candidates who she believes wouldn't dare do that because they're her best friends. And they are Misses
Ireland, Great Britain, Guam and Belgium.

I don't think that what happened to Miss Australia got something to do with her being a strong contender for the title. Yes, she appeared in
the list of favorites but she was not a huge favorite even if she finished 2nd Runner Up.

Miss Australia was 18th in Global Beauties' leaderboard, 9th in
Missosology's final predictions and even on my own list, she was only 21st.

She didn't appear in the Top 5 of most list of favorites, thus the candidates who should have experienced being sabotaged were Philippines (Maria Venus Raj), Mexico (Jimena Navarrete),
Ireland (Rozanna Purcell) or Russia (Irina Antonenko) and not her, because they were the top favorites to win the crown.

It's interesting that Miss Australia won as Miss Congeniality but a
particular candidate or delegation strongly disliked her, as what
she's claiming.

Jesinta is now an entertainment reporter in Channel 7's The Morning
Show in Australia.

Photo courtesy of Jory Rivera

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