Topel Lee's "White House" movie poster unveiled

The official poster of Director Topel Lee's latest horror film "White House" has been revealed but it doesn't look creepy.

Except that of Iza Calzado, nothing in there would tell you that it's one horrible film.

The pictures of the cast members on the left part are as if they're
promoting a concert event, with some are smiling and others are posing as if it's a glamour shot.

However, I've seen the trailer of "White House" and somehow, it's also
scary just like Topel Lee's past horror films.

Still in celebration of Regal Film's 50th Anniversary, "White House" will hit theaters on October 13, 2010.

Gabby Concepcion and Iza Calzado lead the cast also composed of Lovi Poe, Jairus Aquino, Megan Young, Mo Twister, Janus del Prado, Sarah
Lahbati and Joem Bascon.

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  1. this movie is typical of a filipino horror movie, decieing the audience as if a ghost or monster will come out with matching terrfying music as background, but to the dismay of thinking moviegoer, it is not a ghost or something but only a hand or face or something, very cheap tricks, pls get away with this kind of gimmicks, thank you.