Charice shines on Glee Season 2 Premiere (Episode 1, September 21, 2010)

Did you miss Glee's Season 2 Premiere? If yes, then you missed to watch how impressive Charice was.

Lea Michele as Rachel, Charice as Sunshine Corazon on Glee

Glee Season 2 just had its premiere Tuesday night, September 21, 2010 (Wednesday morning in Manila) on Fox Network and our very own Charice made her debut on Glee as Sunshine Corazon, an exchange student from the Philippines.

And despite being a newbie in the show, Charice shined and impressed the televiewers with her rendition of Telephone (with Lea Michele) and Listen.

I gathered tweets from some Glee fans or the Gleeks on Twitter and they truly were wowed by Charice's debut appearance in the show. They described her as amazing, phenomenal and incredible. (And they are non-Filipinos!)

KristieAnn: Looking up videos of this Charice girl singing (who played Sunshine on #glee) and holy crap she's AMAZING!

iBrittt: I think I just died and went to heaven...Sunshine on GLEE is PHENOMENAL! Gahhhh soo stoked for next weeks Glee (:

JesseP_Break_Me: Charice/Sunshine gave me shiver-me-timbers during her audition. That girl has some pipes! *thuds* Incredible!

lacanvasser: #glee songs are better than real songs. Also, where did this new Sunshine chick come from? She's incredible!

ffjewelry: Who played Sunshine on Glee? What a beautiful voice!

Melapaloosa: #GLEE Holy sh@t! Charice! Damn, talk about blowing a song out of the water! Seriously, Seriously impressed over here. #gleeks

Aside from those tweets, Charice also got positive reviews from entertainment writers. Laura of Hollywood Life wrote an article entitled "Step Aside, Lea Michele - Charice Should Totally Be The New Queen Bee of "Glee"! and according to Laura, she finally gets why Charice is being called the most talented girl in the world after hearing her sing in the show.

"I'm glad that SOMEONE finally gave Rachel (Lea Michele) a run for her money. As Filipino foreign exchange student Sunshine Corazon, Charice stole the show! Although her bathroom scene rendition of Beyonce and Lady Gaga's "Telephone" was fab, I absolutely had chills when she sang "Listen" from Dreamgirls," Laura says.

Tim Stack of Entertainment Weekly is also impressed with Charice's voice. He writes, "The entire episode was witty and packed with ah-mazing musical performances (hello Sunshine!)...Sunshine's voice is insane, especially considering she's about the size of a lawn gnome and dresses like a Harajuku girl."

On Google Search, Charice immediately become one of the most-searched items right after Glee premier. The query "charice glee" ranked at a very high #5 on Top 100 Google Hot Trends worldwide. Both "Charice" and "Sunshine Corazon" were also among the Top 10 Trending Topics on Twitter.

I feel so proud of Charice!

Aside from Charice, also made their debut on Glee Season 2 "Audition" episode were Chord Overstreet as Sam Evans and Dot Jones as Coach Beastie.

Next week's episode of Glee Season 2 will be more exciting as it pays tribute to Britney Spears, who's also making a special appearance.

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