Brazilian 'padre' in a video scandal with a teenager

A Brazilian Catholic Priest (Sacerdote Católico Brasileiro) identified as Msgr. Luiz Marques Barbosa is the center of controversy in Brazil lately because of a video allegedly involving him and a much younger boy.

Sistema Brasileiro de Televisão or SBT, a Brazilian TV Network, has aired such video via a news report and there televiewers were able to watch an 82-year-old priest doing scandalous act with a 19-year-old altar boy, (ministrante, acólito) or sakristan in Tagalog term, who has been serving in the church for 4 years already.

And they're doing a "sixty-nine"...Yaeksss!

The Brazilian priest has reportedly been removed already from the church he was serving.

And according to a separate news, the one who took the video also suffered s-xual abuse from the priest. He's already 21 years old and was abused since he was 12.

In the video, the priest and the altar boy were unaware that they were being taped but the end part of the video shows they got surprised to learn that someone outside was filming them.

So shocking! But I think it happens anywhere, not just only in Brazil.

For now, the incident is still under investigation by the Brazilian police.

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