Alleged policemen force two boys to kiss

A video which shows two teenage boys being asked (many times) to kiss each other has been scattered on the net, most especially on the social networking site Facebook.

As reported on TV last night, the video contains an alleged police abuse as the ones who's instructing the boys to kiss (torridly) are believed to be law enforcers.

The boys in the video are also believed to be as minors.

On Youtube, there's a video of it uploaded last Wednesday by a certain dnalor26 and the video description says: "Another proof of human right violation by policemen. Absolute power corrupts absolutely."

I could not post the video down here because it might be offensive to you, but you can hear these lines in the video:

"Halikan mo nga yan, kissable lips eh..."

"'Torrid gusto ko. Ayusin mo. Hindi ganyan. Torrid gusto ko, torrid..."

"Ikaw, nakapatay ka no?..."

"Huwag ka diyan sumuka. Kapag diyan ka sumuka, tatadyakan kita."

"Ganyan ba napapanuod ninyo sa CD? Gusto ko yung parang napapanuod niyo sa CD

As you watch the video, you could really feel sympathy on the boys.

The Philippine National Police has already started their investigation on this one and has pledged to go after the abusers.

I'm really wondering who took the video and uploaded it on the internet.

The shot was in perfect angle. It's not even a video taken using a hidden cam. Does it mean the abusers documented it and have it saved for future reference? or for self-satisfaction?

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