Anne Curtis video scandal continues to spread online

Despite the appeal of Viva Talent Agency and its talent Anne Curtis to stop posting the latter's swimsuit malfunction photos and videos on the web, people still continue to do such, most especially on a social networking site.

This is a screen shot from Facebook and Anne Curtis' video scandal is being downloaded there minute by minute. Oh no! It must be stopped! But how?

Followers of Anne have thought of making fan pages on Facebook that condemn those who post the actress' photos and videos.

One fan page called "RESPETO NAMAN KAY ANNE CURTIS! BABAE SYA!" now has over 10,000 fans as well as newly-made pages like "We Condemn People Who Posted Anne Curtis’ Swimsuit Malfunction Photo!!" and "Stop Spreading Anne Curtis's Scandal Picture..." which continue to get more fans.

There are also some who are appealing to Facebook users to stop looking at Anne Curtis' scandal photo. 'Yung kay Vice Ganda na lang daw haha! Is Vice Ganda aware of his own photo scandal?


I have watched the video myself to see what really happened and there I saw that the malfunction happened when Sam Milby lifted Anne Curtis during their dance number.

It was merely an accident and no one really liked it to happen but I just do hope that some people should not point fingers to those who don't have direct participation on what happened.

The ones to be blamed there are the ASAP XV production team, its camera men, the director and even the back-up dancers for not noticing it immediately. As I've said in my previous posts, those who watched should have been prevented from taking pictures and videos of it if they have stopped the number right away.

Viva I think should go after the show's staff for not taking good care of Anne in the said production number.

I love Anne and I sympathize with her for what happened. I know that she is a strong person. I'm sure she'd take it just a bad dream she had for a night and looks forward to more good things in the future. In fact, this Boracay incident is less scandalous than the "kissing video of Anne and Richard Gutierrez" which leaked online in 2006.

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