Michelle McGee stripping video hits the web via TMZ

Before anything else, who's this Michelle McGee who's making headlines right at this very moment because of such stripping video?

Michelle McGee, identified as a tattoo model and a stripper, is being talked about lately because she claims she had an almost a year affar with Jesse James, husband of 2010 Oscar Best Actress Sandra Bullock.

And according to reports, that McGee's claim allegedly caused the recent breakup of the two.

Adding more color to the issue is a stripping video that hit the web last night on TMZ.com.

It actually started as a rumor but TMZ has a video to prove that there's indeed a stripping video of Michelle McGee.

The site says that the video was filmed one week ago at Pure Platinum in San Diego, California.

I saw the video but nothing is exciting in there. Just a waste of time to watch it. But are you still gonna watch? Better not...

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