New picture of Anne Curtis' wardrobe malfunction comes out

OMG! That's all I could say when I saw the 2nd picture of Anne Curtis' wardrobe malfunction while performing onstage for ASAP XV show in Boracay last Sunday.

The picture, which is more revealing than the first one, has just hit the web probably this evening or maybe, I was already the last to see it today.

The new scandal image has still been uploaded on the net even if Anne Curtis made an appeal yesterday to those who took photos of her in Boracay to please stop uploading the photos.

I saw the uncensored picture between 9:30 to 10:00 pm today but it has been deleted right away, probably he/she realized it might worsen the controversy. I just hope that no one was able to copy that and reach the frontpage of a tabloid again.

The new photo shows only Anne and Sam Milby with Anne being carried up high by Sam during their dance number and compared to the first one, Anne's upper part in the 2nd pic is more exposed and it had a glimpse of the actress' green undies.

And a video of the said incident which runs for almost a minute has also been uploaded on the net. Tst Tsk Tsk! It should be stopped.

It puzzles me how the exposure went on for that long resulting to more cam shots from the audience. The ASAP XV staff should have stopped the number immediately.

As I said the other day, I hope no more pictures of it would come out.

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