Anne Curtis' scandal in Boracay

Fil-Aussie babe Anne Curtis had a wardrobe malfunction during their ASAP XV show in Boracay last Sunday.

The incident happened on stage while Anne was doing a dance number. Her aquamarine bra top accidentally showed off her right b**b despite it being tight for the pretty actress.

It was her special number to promote her upcoming Star Cinema movie "Babe, I Love You" opposite ex-boyfriend Sam Milby.

The said prod was part of the 2nd part of ASAP XV's Boracay Special, taped in the afternoon of March 21 but to be shown this coming Sunday, March 28, 2010, and because of that, televiewers would not be able to see Anne's pinkish part on national television. first reported about it yesterday afternoon and according to the website, Anne cried after the incident and Sam rushed to hug and cover her up.

Mykiru has found a picture of Anne Curtis' b**b exposure on Facebook, probably uploaded by someone from the live audience in Bora.

I guess it has just been uploaded last night but it already circulated today to more than 10 Facebook users who posted it in their respective walls.

It's just one picture and since more than a hundred people came to watch ASAP XV's live show there, it's not surprising if we could see a bunch of photos of it on the coming days.

As you can see in the picture above, they've been very busy taking a shot of it. Notice also the guy holding Anne's left arm who happens to be Sam Milby, who reportedly rushed on stage to cover her up.

And possibly, a video of Anne Curtis' accidental nip slip might also come out.

But I hope it's already one and last picture of such incident. No more pictures. No more videos. That's enough!

According to those who came to watch, the said production number of Anne had to be shot again.

Some say it's just a gimmick for their April 3 movie but knowing Anne, she wouldn't have to do that just to solicit attention. She would never resort to that act just to promote a movie.

Star Cinema would also not allow that. Sam and Anne's much publicized on-and-off relationship is already a good publicity.

After their Boracay show last Sunday, Anne, who is yet to react on this issue, went back on the set of "Babe I Love You" in Manila to finish some scenes for the movie.

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    kung ako kay ane mag batingsoot nalang siya at wag na siyang mag 2pis

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