'Stephy Tang alleged video scandal' another hot item in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has another video controversy to face this 2010 allegedly involving a Cantopop singer after two years of being world famous for the "Edison Chen photo scandal".

But this time around, it allegedly involves a female Cantopop singer who people say looks like Stephy Tang, who incidentally was rumored before as one of Chen's girls in his scandalous photos.

26-year-old Stephy, who is a singer-actress in Hong Kong and ex-lead singer of a group called Cookies, has firmly denied her involvement in the said video, which has been uploaded on two video sites last weekend. She and her camp said that she's not the girl in the video and it's just a made-up story against the singer by a magazine who first exposed it (see photo).

Those who have seen the 6-minute video clip are divided in identifying the woman. Some say it's really Stephy but others say it's a Korean actress while some believe it's a Japanese p*rnstar.

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