(Video) Anne Curtis on controversial internet photo

On ANC's Dateline earlier, Anne Curtis finally broke her silence regadring the controversial photo which has been circulating on the net since Monday evening.

Interviewed by Dateline's Entertainment Correspondent Gretchen Fullido, Anne Curtis, who was seated beside Sam Milby, gamely answered the questions thrown by Fullido.

"That was a wardrobe malfunction. And it's something na hindi ko naman talaga sinasadyang mangyari. That's why I really feel upset na...it's coming out. I mean I understand na there are a lot of people who had in cellphones and whatever. But I just feel na sana they had a little respect man lang to either delete it or to not even come out and upload it but.. it's really just an accident that happened during a dance number where I was giving my best because that was for ASAP...It was for everyone. It was for the production number of 'Babe I Love You'. It really was an accident that happened. So it's a bit upseting na it had come to this pa," Anne said in a shaky tense voice.

Sam also had something to say about it and defended her leading against those who uploaded the picture.

Watch the said video interview:

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