Pacquiao vs Clottey: Live Boxing Results


Let's get ready to rumble...

Manny Pacquiao from the Philippines face Joshua Clottey of Ghana inside the boxing ring.

Both are in good shape and seem relaxed. Manny is in his usual self, confident and showing no signs of fear.

ROUND 1: Manny Pacquiao off to a good start. He's aggressive and keeps on attacking Clottey, but the latter couldn't throw solid punches. Pacquiao owns the 1st boring Round.

ROUND 2: Pacquiao gives big shots. Clottey could now defend himself. But this round is still in favor of Pacquiao.

ROUND 3: Clottey becomes more aggressive. Good punches! Manny slows down but still in great control.

ROUND 4: Pacquiao is proving more powerful, throwing more punches in the face and body of Clottey.

ROUND 5: More combinations from Manny. Clottey isn't giving Manny a hard time.

ROUND 6: Clottey looks like he doesn't want to win. He throws some punches, but Manny is doing it bigtime. He's up for the win already!

ROUND 7: Clottey still getting rocked by Pacquiao. This keeps the fight boring!

ROUND 8: Pacquiao might be looking for another knockout as Clottey gets more hits from him. The referee noticed low blow by Clottey.

ROUND 9: Whew! I could not believe the fight will last this long. Clottey gets re-charged, thanks to his coach's encouragement. He throws his best shot this round. But not enough to slow down Pacquiao. At one point, Clottey found himself against the rope.

ROUND 10: This is actually what most people have predicted. Pacquiao is so fast for Clottey. The Ghanaian boxer touched him a bit this time, but Pacquiao is still the attacker.

ROUND 11: Wow, Clottey is now showing more power. This is his best round so far. A close round, but it's still Manny's round.

ROUND 12: You can't actually feel no tension between the two fighters. This is just a friendly competition. It's as if Clottey had been briefed just to keep calm as Pacquiao gives punches on him. They even kissed before the 12th round starts.

Not gonna be exciting! Pacquiao ends Round 12 on his favor.

It's kinda obvious who's gonna win!

Judges' scorecards were 120-108, 119-109, 119-109.

And Pacquiao wins! As announced, Pacquiao wins over Clottey via unanimous decision.

HUMBERTO SOTO (Mexico) won over DAVID DIAZ (USA) via unanimous decision
ALFONSO GOMEZ (Mexico) won over JOSE LUIS CASTILLO (Mexico) by a 5th Round TKO
JOHN DUDDY (Ireland) won over MICHAEL MEDINA (Mexico) via split decision
MICHAEL FARENAS (Philippines) vs Joe Morales (USA) - no decision was made due to accidental headbutt in the 2nd Round
EDEN SONSONA (Philippines) won over MAURICIO PASTRANA (Colombia) by an 8th Round TKO

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