Angelica-Derek photo scandal @ Pinoy Parazzi

This could be the "real" Angelica Panganiban-Derek Ramsay scandal!

In 2007, there was this rumor linking Angelica and Derek to a s-x video leaked online. People looked for it but no video came out.

And now, the tabloid Pinoy Parazzi has exposed a beach photo of the hot couple two days ago which according to the tabloid has been sold to them two years ago.

As seen in the Pinoy Parazzi photo below, Angelica is shown grabbing Derek's private parts. It's not actually a simple "grabbing" because Angel's right hand finds comfort inside Derek's branded underwear. Whew!


Angelica is yet to comment on the picture but boyfriend Derek broke his silence at Darla Sauler's blog and he told the blog that he sees nothing wrong with the picture: "I don't see anything wrong with the photo! It's our own private photo with friends! We are having clean fun!!!! What's wrong is whoever exposed the pic!"

It puzzles me who shot it and who sold it to Pinoy Parazzi. Are they just one person?

I agree with Derek that obviously, they're just having fun and nothing malicious with it. Besides, they're boyfriend-girlfriend. Not a big deal for them to do that.

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