'Kelly Agunaldo' creates buzz on Tumblr. Know the reason why...

Microblogging site Tumblr is abuzz with this certain 'Kelly Agunaldo'. (Yes, Agunaldo and not Aguinaldo)

But who the h-ll is this Kelly Agunaldo? Why are other Tumblr users so mad at her?

Read what's written on this picture to know the reason why...

Kelly Agunaldo

The picture above which has been blogged and reblogged on Tumblr is allegedly Kelly Agunaldo and was taken from her Tumblr account, kellyagunaldo.tumblr.com, which upon checking is no longer existing.

Her "racist" description under her profile picture is causing outrage
on Tumblr because she indicated those races who she doesn't want to
follow her Tumblr account.

She did mention Black people and the Asians, particularly the Filipinos and the Indians. She described them as ugly, smelly and people who sweat a lot.

"Kelly" also said she doesn't like gays to follow her there.

However, it's uncertain if Kelly Agunaldo does really exist, I
mean, if it's really a name of a real person. Is she really Latina or
she's just created by someone who just want to annoy Tumblr users?

It's also unsure if the picture above is the one who really owned that
Tumblr account.

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