Survivor Philippines Finale: Who will be the first Celebrity Sole Survivor? | Solenn Heussaff tops Popularity Poll

In less than 7 hours, the first ever Celebrity Sole Survivor will be revealed on the live finale tonight on GMA 7's Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.

Who among Akihiro Sato, Aubrey Miles, Ervic Vijandre and Solenn Heussaff should win as the first Celebrity Sole Survivor and take home the P3million grand prize?

It's all up to the Jury Members to decide who's the most deserving of them all.

But if the show's fans are to be asked, most of them probably want either Solenn or Akihiro to win.

Mykiru's Popularity Poll, which was conducted since the show's pilot and asked fans to vote for their favorites among the 18 castaways, shows Solenn on top with 16.7% of the total votes. And because she topped the poll, Mykiru now names Solenn (pictured below) as the Most Popular Castaway of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown.

Akihiro is in far second with 12% while Ahron Villena, who's already eliminated, gets 3rd place with 10.8% and Aubrey comes 4th with 7.6%.

Buwi Meneses, Princess Snell, Pretty Trizsa and Mykah Flores meanwhile are the least favorites, getting only 1-2% of the total votes.

Here's the final results of Mykiru's Popularity Poll:
1. Solenn Heussaff 16.72%
2. Akihiro Sato 12.07%
3. Ahron Villena 10.84%
4. Aubrey Miles 7.59%
5. Ian Batherson 5.88%
6. Aira Bermudez 5.57%
6. Jon Hall 5.57%
8. Ervic Vijandre 5.42%
9. Elma Muros 5.11%
10. Moi Bien 4.49%
10. Michelle Madrigal 4.49%
12. Karen delos Reyes 4.02%
13. Doc Ferdz Recio 3.41%
14. Mico Aytona 2.63%
15. Mykah Flores 2.17%
16. Pretty Trizsa 1.86%
17. Princess Snell P1.39%
18. Buwi Meneses P0.77%

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