Phil and James Younghusband charm Indonesians | Neil Etheridge says sorry for the Azkal's loss to Indonesia

Phil and James Younghusband, the sibling players of the Azkals, have charmed Indonesian girls during their semi-final game at the AFF Suzuki Cup 2010 last Thursday.

According to a report from GMA 7's Saksi last night, Phil Younghusband is now being considered a heartthrob in Indonesia.

[Singer Christian Bautista also enjoys that status in Indonesia.]

On the Twitter world, "Younghusband" made it among the Top 10 Trending Topics on the evening of the fight between Azkals and Team Indonesia.

Indonesian girls reportedly contributed to that because of their numerous tweets expressing admiration to Phil and James.

Nice to know that, but I still can't forget how the Indonesian crowd at the venue made some "boos" everytime the ball was on the side of the Azkals.

The super loud cheers from Indonesians caused so much distraction to the Filipino players, most especially to goalkeeper Neil Etheridge and another player Ray Jonsson.

Neil and Ray couldn't hear each other so clearly. It led to Neil failing to catch the ball because he collided with Ray and gave way to Cristian Gonzales scoring a goal.

Neil reportedly cried at the locker room, blaming himself for what happened.

On this video report from ABS-CBN's Bandila, Neil says sorry for what he considers as his mistake during the game:

Oh, don't be sorry Neil! No one's blaming you.

In fact, we admire you for your courage in the field and for giving lots of saves for the Philippines.

The Azkals still has the chance to redeem itself tomorrow for the 2nd leg of their game with Indonesia.

Let's all wish them good luck!

Video upload courtesy of PINASISM5

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7 Comment(s):

  1. It's not the end of the cup Neil... Blow your horn... Show them all what we've got !!!

  2. jedi aaron of unimatrix 01December 19, 2010 at 10:57 PM

    Aaagh they lost 1-0 but Azkals are the best now I am a fan! Go Neil, Phil, James, Jason and eveyrone else!

  3. doesn't matter if we lost! they really do have potential! i am not officially an azkals fan as well! kudos to all the players! hopefully we can be the champ in the future!

  4. i meant i am now officially an azkals fan!

  5. The referee of this game is totally disgusting....

  6. kahit na natalo tayo sa mga indons proud parin kami dahil kahit na di maganda pinakita nila satin. pinakita parin natin na ang mga pinoy ay sportmanship.
    kay natin magchampion sa susunod. kailangan lang ng supporta sa gov't natin para lalong mapalakas ang team buti na lang may mga sumosuporta na private individuals.

  7. check out the latest commercial of Team Azkals James Younghusband