Jasmine Curtis met her crush Mark Salling in Boracay

Jasmine Curtis' wish to see Glee star Mark Salling in Boracay has been granted.

The new TV5 star is currently at the Discovery Shores in Boracay with actress sister Anne Curtis, celebrity friends Solenn Heussaff, Carla Humphries and Anne's boyfriend Erwan Heussaff.

When Jasmine arrived in Boracay yesterday, she posted this message to Mark on Twitter: "Hey @Mark_Salling, meet us for dinner tonight here in Bora. I'd like to meet u and it seems like everyone wants us to meet too."

Even Solenn also wanted to see Mark before she left for Boracay. "See you in Boracay LOL (@mark_salling)."

And here's a scoop: Mark was able to read Jasmine's tweet (then googled her name) and he indeed looked for Jasmine in Boracay.

They met each other not last night though but just this afternoon.

On this photo by Spot.ph, Mark is seen here, shirtless and only covered with a towel (Jasmine is in black bra at the back):

Mark reportedly was attracted to Jasmine right at that moment. But the sad thing is, he had to leave Boracay already. Oh that's sad. :( [Latest Update: Mark's flight was cancelled so he's staying one more night in Bora]

But look who's following Jasmine Curtis now:

Mark is following only 18 people and Jasmine is luckily one of them.

He definitely is having the greatest vacation of his life here in the Philippines. He's enjoying the beauty of Boracay and most of all, he met Jasmine.

And with this latest tweet by Solenn just this afternoon, it seems like they're gonna see each other again in 2011:


Photos courtesy of Spot.ph and Solenn Heussaff

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