Is this Vice Ganda?

May nag-TEXT...este MMS pala of Vice Ganda's old photos before he became popular.

Is this really Vice? Or just a lookalike?

The Vice Ganda that we see on TV everyday definitely looks so much better than that.

So, if it's indeed Vice, then he truly has evolved into a gorgeous creature.

Did you watch Showtime today?

I must say, it was one of the funniest episodes ever of the show.

It was so much fun to see Kuya Kim Atienza and Vice Ganda making "asar" to each other.

Kuya Kim called Vice Ganda as "pangit na kabayo" which didn't sound good for Vice. He then later described Kuya Kim as "saksakan ng pangit" and a very bad person. "Pangit nga ako, pero hindi naman ako masamang tao," Vice said.

Kuya Kim fired back, "Masamang tao nga ako, pero hindi naman ako kabayo."

Yeah, they were just making fun, but I could feel that the two, most especially Vice, were close already to getting "pikon".

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  1. I thought it was angelibe from star power!!