Mark Salling and Manny Pacquiao together in Boracay on Christmas Day

Mark Salling has finally confirmed that he's indeed in Boracay and he's absolutely loving that beautiful island in the Philippines.

At around 6PM today, the GLEE star posted this greeting on Twitter:

"Merry Christmas from the beautiful island of Boracay."

That's 4 days after Mark was reported going to Boracay when photos of him and some Filipino flight attendants heading to Manila surfaced on the net.

But it looks like he has arrived in Boracay, just now.

Well-traveled Filipino blogger Ivan Henares could confirm this on his blog because he was on the same flight with Mark today, from Manila to Boracay. He has some photos with Mark and here's one of them:

Mark Salling flight to Boracay

How can he be so lucky? For sure, Ivan had one of the most unforgettable travels of his life.

So, where was Mark, from Tuesday until Friday?

Last night, while everyone's waiting for the Christmas Eve, GMA 7
reporter Joseph Morong tweeted that he saw Mark eating at a local pizza chain in Makati. "saw glee's Mark Salling, eating at a local pizza hut a wyl ago. A mom and her daughter askd 2 have their pics taken w/ him. I was too shy to ask."

He then went on to describe Mark as very tall and his guy companion as too small. "Mark Salling in Makati with a guy who could have been d guy from The Mentalist? Myt be too small. Was there around 840sh pm. Wore gray. Very tall."

"Very quiet. A mom and a daughter took a pic with him. Girl asks: Are u from Glee? Sed yes and obliged hehe,"

That goes to show Mark is very approachable and accomodating to the fans.

I have also known from a source just today that Mark checked in to the A. Venue Hotel Suites in Makati City last night.

Could it be possible that Mark arrived in Boracay on Tuesday, then flew to Manila yesterday and then back to Boracay today?


But what's all that matters now is the confirmation from Mark himself that he's in Boracay now and he finds it beautiful - a big boost to the island, which is among the top tourist destinations in the Philippines.

And guess who celebrated Christmas with Mark Salling in Boracay?

Mark Salling and Manny Pacquiao
Mark Salling posts on Twitter: "Christmas dinner with my boy Manny Pacquiao".

Watch out in 2011: Manny Pacquio guesting on GLEE? Haha

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