Brazilian-Japanese model Akihiro Sato named winner of Survivor Philippines Celebrity Showdown

Brazilian-Japanese hunk Akihiro Sato was voted winner of Survivor Philippines during the live season finale held earlier tonight at GMA studio.

Akihiro Sato 1st Celebrity Sole Survivor

Akihiro Sato, who's turning 27 this December 9, won P3-million cash prize (tax-free) and becomes the first ever Celebrity Sole Survivor as well as the first non-Filipino winner of Survivor Philippines.

He got 3 votes from the Jury, good enough to defeat Solenn Heussaff and Ervic Vijandre, who each had 2 votes.

The finale episode actually began with the announcement of the 7th Jury member.

Here's how the 6 Jury members and the Final 4 voted: (the name on the
right was the one they voted off)

Jon - Solenn
Aira - Ervic
Michelle - Ervic
Ahron- Aubrey
Elma - Aubrey
Moi - Solenn
Akihiro - Aubrey
Aubrey - Akihiro
Ervic - Akihiro
Solenn - Akihiro

It was actually the results of the voting during their last tribal
council at the island. As you can see, it resulted to a tie between Akihiro and Aubrey, both getting 3 vote-off points.

Thus, all (except for Aubrey and Aki of course) had to vote again between Aubrey and Aki as to who should join the Jury. Solenn, Ervic and Moi voted against Akihiro and the rest voted off Aubrey, making
her as the 7th member of the Jury and leaving Aki, Ervic and Solenn to become the Final 3.

Aubrey was given time by host Richard Gutierrez to say her final words and without showing any bitterness, she gracefully said, "I know I'm really deserving to win but I know that it's not meant for me. Pero gusto ko lang sabihin sa lahat na...we're not here to compete about who we are but we are here to compete about how we played the game."

While she was talking, Aubrey's partner Troy Montero along with her 2 sons were shown in the audience. Her son, the older one, was already crying while Troy looked kinda disappointed with the results.

And then the Jury, now including Aubrey, had to make the hardest decision by voting who should become the 1st Celebrity Sole Survivor.

It was one close fight with Aki getting 3 votes, while Solenn and Ervic each with 2 votes.

Akihiro cried after his name was announced as winner and then a woman from the audience, probably his live-in partner, rushed to the stage to hug him.

Did the best or the most deserving celebrity castaway win? Or did they
pick the wrong winner?

For me, Akihiro was the right choice 'coz he was able to master not only the physical challenges, but also the social aspects of the game. He has proven that it always pays to be nice.

How about you? Share your thoughts below.

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19 Comment(s):

  1. never expected that the finale would turn out to be so exciting... but my vote goes entirely to aki. he truly deserves to win the competition

  2. very good choice baka magulu sa pinas kapag si ervick ang nanalo!

  3. he really deserve it....

  4. the finale results is scripted... with all the ties that happened just to make the show longer and more exciting?! totally scripted.

  5. totally agree.. aki really deserves it.

  6. Akihiro deserves to win!

  7. hmmm , i thought this is Survivor Philippines??

    But a half Jap/ half Brazilian and not in any way with Filipino decent give a title of being a Survivor Philippines...

    I have been in Brazil ( Sepetiba / Punta De Madiera ) and even travelled the amazon , i have nothing against them... For me the title should have been given to a Filipino...

  8. i love solenn but aki really deserve the title....i hope GMA will produce another celebrity edition of Survivor in the near future...

  9. should have been solennDecember 5, 2010 at 4:27 AM

    he won because the jury chose him. hindi naman tanga mga jury. nabigyan sila ng chance na mapanood ang full show. although hindi lahat sila ay bumoto kay akihiro. si solenn ang gusto ko manalo, pero of those 3 finalist, si akihiro pinaka matatag. pero it should have been solenn XD

    si ervic.. ewan ko. dapat sya nalang ang naging last jury at hindi si aubrey. may scandal daw yan si ervic eh.

  10. i don't think it's's bec of their alliances...JON, Elma, and Michelle voted Aki, that's my guess...Aubrey and Moi - voted Ervick....Aira and Ahron voted for Solenn.....

  11. yessss im 100% agree thats aki was deserving for that game...congrats aki

  12. FYI!! lol! mali nman info mo sa voting count ---> for those asking: Elma,Jon,Aira voted for AKI to win, Aubrey and Moi voted for Ervick, and Michelle and Ahron voted for SOLENN.
    SOURCE: @solennheussaff TWEET

  13. parang scripted.. survivor is a game of deceit and not of moral values.. from the time they went home to the point of live voting ang daming pwedeng naka-impluwenxa sa boto ng jury.. plus napanod pa nila yung buong show na edited na at lumalabas sa showbiz talk shows.. malay ba natin kung sinabihan na rin sila ng production na panalunin yung mabait.. ang mga pinoy kc e known to root for the goodie-goodie at underdog.. magiging against the show kung villain ang mananalo.. pero in the long run the show will suffer dahil baka magbait-baitan nlng yung mga sasali.. the show will be super boring!

  14. I was 1 million percent that Akihiro should be the winner. Ervick is a lazy man, Solenn is nothing but a rich and spoilt girl and Aubrey is manipulation person blaming others.It is good that Aki is the winner because he want to give some money for Charity.

    I love you and Congratulation Akihiro.

    May god bless you.

  15. Aki... He's one of the best players in Survivor Phillipines and personally I agree about Lazygirl1510's statements, and that's right that the three jury chose the right person, I don't care if he is half Japanese and Brazilian but he is a good-hearted person.

    Congrats, Love You and May GOD bless you Akihiro

  16. The argument that it shouldve been given to a Filipino and all those Aki does not deserve it cos he's not a Filipino is really unfair to him. In the first place, if that's the case, then they shouldnt have let Aki join in Survivor Philippines.

    I think he deserved it the same way that the some others also deserve it. He played hard, he gave it his best. Nationality should not be an issue.

    Filipinos cry foul when theyre abroad and gets discrimination; not getting the job, less favored over the nationals in that country and yet Filipinos do that in this case too. I just think if we want equality, to be treated equally, then we must be fair to others as well.

    Aki played well. Him not being a Filipino shouldnt be a whole big issue. He deserves to win.

  17. I agree. totally scripted.