Neil Etheridge, Phil and James Younghusband of the Azkals are all "single"

Neil Etheridge and the Younghusbands, three of the Fil-Brit Azkals players, are all single, according to Phil Younghusband himself.

Azkals striker Phil Younghusband definitely made his fans happy when he revealed on national T.V. that he is very much single.

TV Patrol's Korina Sanchez had a one-on-one live interview with Phil last night and she asked if he has a girlfriend.

Phil gamely answered the question. "Wala, wala na po...Not right now
pero maybe siguro in the future."

And just because of that, Phil immediately made it to the Top 10
Trending Topics on Twitter the same evening.

Korina also asked how many Azkals are still single. Phil cited the names of those who are single and those who are not.

According to Phil, his brother James Younghusband (#7) is also single
as well as Neil Etheridge (#1). But Jason De Jong (#17), Rob Gier (#2) and Ray Jonsson (#27) are already taken.

And how about their goodlooking coach Simon McMenemy? Phil revealed that Simon already has a fiancee. (Yes, he's engaged to marry next year)

With the attention he's getting and now with lots of fans, Phil could easily break into showbiz. But the Fil-Brit footballer isn't open to it for now.

Korina asked if he wants to be an "artista", Phil said: "No, ayoko. Daming tsismis."

True! Showbiz might just cause him distractions, especially
now that Azkals have a promising future ahead of them.

Photos courtesy of Beetrix_ on Twitter and the AFF

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  1. It's my pleasure to be posting a comment here. Phil, James, and Neil are single? Why? They're all good-looking but why are they not committed?