Iya Villania joins cast of "Kristine" as Rafael Rosell's new leading lady | Is she replacing Denise Laurel?

The alluring Iya Villania has already showed up on last night's episode of Martha Cecilia's Kristine: Ang Ikalawang Yugto on ABS-CBN as the new leading lady of Rafael Rosell.

As I've said in my previous post, Iya is among the new characters in the soap, along with Bangs Garcia, Joross Gamboa and Kristel Moreno who were already introduced ahead of Iya.

It's a different Iya that we're going to see on "Kristine" as she plays Scarlet, who for sure will capture the heart of Marco De Silva (Rafael Rosell), who's healing a broken heart after Emerald (Denise Laurel) left him and went to the US.

From what we saw last night, Marco met Scarlet on the road to Paso de Blas, the same way he met Emerald before.

Does this mean goodbye already for the character of Emerald?

For sure the Rafnise fans are much more worried now. They've been worried since rumor broke out that Denise is pregnant.

Another rumor says that Denise reportedly refused to do some of her sexy scenes with Rafael, so it resulted to her character being scrapped off.

Rafael meanwhile advised the worried fans on Twitter to just move on after this new development, "All we can do is move on. Wala rin makukumpleto na trabaho kaya di din magmomove on...Kaya best advice ko sa inyo is to do the same and trust in His plan for us na lang. Lahat may dahilan. Marerealize din natin yan pagdating ng panahon. It's sad...Pero don't let the sadness bring you down...Smile :) because there is still a lot of love to be persued sa Kristine."

On one hand, Denise was also caught posting a tweet about her return in "Kristine": "It's not my call if I go back or not. I'm not a big boss. :) There are a lot of things that go on behind a production in time maybe you guys will understand."

Sounds like the production team indeed purposely gave Marco-Emerald a break.

As a worried fan myself, I got the chance to ask someone behind the production of "Kristine" if it's true that Denise will no longer come back in the show and he simply said, "Babalik pa siya."

Oh okay! I hope he's not kidding 'coz the fans of "Kristine" really want Emerald back.

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  1. i hope nababalik pa dinc emerald, sana hindi kayo nag sisinungaling kasi ang dami naming umaasa!

  2. mas gusto ko ang love team ni emerald (denise laurel) at ni marco (rafael rosell) kaya sana bumalik sa si emerald....at maganda kung mging love triangle ang tatlo.....

  3. DENISEEEEEE/EMERALDDDDDDDDDDD... come back pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!

  4. what is kristines kung hindi si emerald at marco ang mgkatuloyan?hello!ngka anak pa nga sila ng kambal,ang layo2 talaga sa libro,once you've read beso del diablo ma iinlove talaga kayo ky marco de silva

  5. I hope Emerald would come back in Kristine.Honestly, we stop watching it since her character was remove from the show...nakakatamad na as in...wala ng kabuhay buhay!!!

  6. we didnt stop watching ks hoping that emerald will come back soon.she spice the whole story ng dahil sa kanya nagsimula ang lahat sa kanila ni marco!i can't believe this masyado nilang binaboy ang obra ni martha ... ang marco and emerald na nasa libro di sila nagkahiwalay at walang ibang naging babae si marco after emerald because emerald is everything to marco.

  7. anO byan? ang layo2 sa pocketbook ng kristine..... heller!!!!!!!! is it from pocketbook kristine? o kathang isip niu lANg qng ano2 pa dinagdag niu d naman tama... wla nayang manonood jan dhl hnd ngka2luyan c emerald at marco.... boooooooring.! euuuuuu!!

  8. oo nga tama ka..... b4 nakakakilig ngaun 2rns 2 euuuuuuuuu>!!!!!!!!!!!!! un explainabLe... kababoyan