Miss India Nicole Faria wins Miss Earth 2010

After two consecutive 1st Runner Up placement in 2006 & 2007, India has finally won its first Miss Earth crown when its delegate Nicole Faria took the Miss Earth 2010 title last night, December 4, in Nha
Trang, Vietnam.

Miss India Earth 2010 Nicole Faria swimsuit photo

20-year-old Nicole was actually the top favorite of most of the pageant's followers including Mykiru and she obviously didn't

She also bagged the Best in Talent Award, becoming the 2nd "Talent" awardee of Miss Earth to end up as crownholder. The first was the dethroned Miss Earth 2002 Dzejla Glavovic from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Nicole Faria is also the 2nd Asian to win Miss Earth, after Philippines' Karla Paula Henry only 2 years ago.

Last night's Final Q&A was so exciting because all questions to the Top 7 finalists were "recycled", questions which were already asked in the previous editions of Miss Earth. That was probably to bring out the environmental message of "RECYCLING", though "re-use" was the more appropriate term 'coz they used the same and exact questions from the past.

Miss India's final question was: "Which has more significance in your life: sunrise or sunset?", also the question that made Dzejla Glavovic won in 2002.

The Official Results of Miss Earth 2010:

MISS EARTH 2010: India, Nicole Faria (2nd from left)

MISS EARTH-AIR 2010: Ecuador, Jennifer Pazmiño (1st from left)

MISS EARTH-WATER 2010: Thailand, Watsaporn Wattanakoon (2nd from right)

MISS EARTH-FIRE 2010: Puerto Rico, Yeidy Bosques (1st from right)

Japan, Marina Kishira
South Africa, Nondyebo Dzingwa
Venezuela, Mariángela Bonanni

Czech Republic, Carmen Justová
Italy, Ilenia Arnolfo
Russia, Viktoria Shchukina
Ukraine, Valentina Zhytnyk
USA, Danielle Bounds
Vietnam, Lưu Thị Diễm Hương

Best in Swimsuit -
Vietnam, Lưu Thị Diễm Hương
Best in Long Gown - Ecuador, Jennifer Pazmiño
Best in National Costume - Japan, Marina Kishira
Miss Talent - India, Nicole Faria
Miss Photogenic - Thailand, Watsaporn Wattanakoon
Miss Friendship - Guatemala, Sue Ellen Castañeda
Best in Aodai - Serbia, Tijana Rakic

With the exclusion of Philippines from the Top 14 and Vietnam being out of the Top 7 (though she deserved a much higher placement), Miss Earth has proven this year that it doesn't favor anybody unlike in the 2 major pageants held a month ago when the host delegates were secured with a very high placement during the finals.

It was actually the most satisfying results ever of Miss Earth.

Mykiru's prediction list correctly guessed the Top 2 winners as well as 11 of the official Top 14 semi-finalists.

Except for Ukraine, who only ranks 42nd on Mykiru's list, all of the final Top 14 were among Mykiru's Top 30 faves.

Photos courtesy of Carousel / VnExpress.net

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