Miss Earth 2010 Results Predictions: India, Ecuador, Vietnam & Venezuela in the Top 4

The 10th Miss Earth (2010) pageant is happening in 5 hours at the Vinpearl Nhatrang in Nha Trang City, Khanh Hoa Province, Vietnam.

Eighty-four (84) lovely candidates are competing for the Miss Earth 2010 title. Who will she be?

This year's batch of Miss Earth beauties is actually the best in 10 years, but it's actually not hard to pick who the best candidates are.

Four candidates really stood out since the pageant started early November and they are the candidates from Ecuador, India, Venezuela and Vietnam. Any of these 4 ladies could be the Miss Earth 2010 titleholder tonight.

But since this is Miss Earth pageant, which sometimes produces the most surprising winner, it's actually anybody's game.

Take for example Miss Earth 2007 Jessica Trisko from Canada and last year's Miss Earth 2009 Larissa Ramos from Brazil. They were not the huge favorites but they ended up as winner.

But If I were to ask, I would love to see India winning Miss Earth 2010. The country may not have been so successful this year in other major beauty pageants, but hopefully in Miss Earth, India will succeed to end on top.

And also, Miss Universe, Miss World and Miss International titleholders this 2010 are all from the Americas. Can we expect Miss Earth to continue the trend? or will they atleast choose a winner not from the said continent? We shall see.

Here's how Mykiru predicts the results of the Miss Earth 2010 pageant finale happening later: (ranking based on Mykiru's final scores and the Fun Poll Results)

Miss India Earth 2010 Nicole Faria
MISS EARTH 2010: India, Nicole Faria

Miss Earth Ecuador 2010 Jennifer Pazmiño
MISS EARTH AIR 2010 (1ST RUNNER UP): Ecuador, Jennifer Pazmiño

MISS EARTH WATER 2010 (2ND RUNNER UP): Vietnam, Lưu Thị Diễm Hương

MISS EARTH FIRE 2010 (3RD RUNNER UP): Venezuela, Mariángela Bonanni

5. Thailand, Watsaporn Wattanakoon
6. Puerto Rico, Yeidy Bosques
7. Italy, Ilenia Arnolfo

8. Czech Republic, Carmen Justová
9. Philippines, Kris Psyche Resus
10. Serbia, Tijana Rakic
11. Australia, Kelly Louise Maguire
12. Japan, Marina Kishira
13. South Africa, Nondyebo Dzingwa
14. Russia, Viktoria Shchukina

15. USA, Danielle Bounds
16. Mexico, Claudia Lopez Mollinedo
17. Brazil, Luisa de Almeida Lopes
18. Guam, Naiomie Jean Santos
19. Kosovo, Morena Taraku
20. Poland, Beata Polakowska

21. Norway Iman Kerigo
22. Chile Pamela Soprani
23. Peru Silvana Vásquez
24. Bolivia Yovana O'Brien
25. Bosnia & Herzegovina Ema Golijanin
26. French Polynesia Mihiatea Ruta
27. Netherlands Desiree van den Berg
28. Costa Rica Allyson Alfaro
29. Germany Reingard Hageman
30. Tonga Glena Lavemai

31. Colombia Diana Marin
32. Korea Lee Gui-joo
33. South Sudan Atong de Mach
34. Crimea Anastasiya Sienina
35. Dominican Republic Wisleidy Osorio
36. Switzerland Liza Andrea Küster
37. Canada Summer Anne Ross
38. Indonesia Jessica Aurelia Tji
39. Nepal Sahana Bajracharya
40. Nigeria Inara Isaiah

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