Hubert Webb's life story on Maalaala Mo Kaya?

If Hubert Webb's life story will be made into a movie or an episode on Maalaala Mo Kaya, who should play as Hubert Webb?

41-year-old Hubert Webb has just been ordered to be freed today by the Supreme Court after he was ruled as "acquitted" in the Vizconde Massacre Case. (Read: Hubert Webb acquitted in Vizconde Massacre Case)

At around 4PM this afternoon, Hubert has been freed and now enjoying the freedom that he lost for 15 years.

Hubert was only 26 when he was jailed for being the primary suspect in the Vizconde Massacre. He was convicted twice for the case and now at 41, he's acquitted.

Can you just imagine how he suffered 15 years in prison for a crime he's not guilty of? How is he gonna start his life now that he's 41 years old already?

At least, that's the central point of Hubert Webb's own life story, which could be a great plot for a movie or an MMK episode.

Now that he's free, there are rumors going on that MMK wants to make an episode of Hubert Webb's life story.

A film outfit is also interested in making a movie based on Hubert's story.

Well, there's nothing wrong if Hubert's life story becomes a movie, coz the Vizconde Massacre itself was made into a movie in 1993 with Kris Aquino as Carmela Vizconde.

There was also this "Jessica Alfaro Life Story" movie in 1995 based on the story of Jessica Alfaro, the witness who pointed out Hubert and 7 others as suspects in the Vizconde Massacre. Alice Dixson played Jessica in the movie.

And now, for a possible Hubert Webb story on MMK or in a film, who do you think should play as Hubert Webb?

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  1. For a country that's been hampered with corruptions, this is no doubt one of them. How four judges abstained themselves from this, is unheard of. I do believe that if all judges is not in favor of acquittal, don't they call that a deadlock? Meaning, they should still be in jail until it is proven otherwise. What kind of Supreme court is this? These judges are making their decision to get attentions, for 15 years that they stood by and accomplish nothing from it, how do we feel about the Maguindanao Masacre? Vizconde masacre is nothing compared to the other masacre but still taking innocent lives and these judges will make a mockery out of this.

  2. My choice is Jericho Rosales...but it can also be Piolo Pascual...

  3. di naman bading si hubert webb kaya di bagay si piolo. i think si mark herras pwede kasi pareho sila magsalita ni hubert and parehong payat.