Cosmo 69 Bachelors 2010: Felix Roco Guji Lorenzana

"Rosalka" star Felix Roco and Voiz Boys' Guji Lorenzana are among Cosmo Mag's 69 Bachelors for 2010.

Felix Roco Cosmo Bachelors

Guji Lorenzana Cosmo

When I first heard of Felix doing a pictorial for Cosmo last July, I thought he's one of the Cosmo Centerfolds because he's already qualified for it being a lead actor in indie films and on TV.

But I was wrong. Felix is instead one of the Cosmo 69 Bachelors for 2010, which are composed mainly of models and students.

Same goes for Guji Lorenzana. He could also pass as one of the 10 Celebrity Centerfolds. However, Guji is like one already because his is a full page shot.

Aside from Guji, another hunk who has a full page shot among the 69 bachelors is Enchong Dee's high school friend Nico Ibaviosa while Starstruck's Prince Stefan almost had a solo page, but PBB's Paul Jake Castillo, in a smaller picture, was placed on the left part of the page.

Photos courtesy of Summit Media and Heidi Pascual

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