On ELive: Robin Padilla declares his love for Mariel Rodriguez

It was "kiligness" to the highest level when Robin Padilla confessed his true feelings for Mariel Rodriguez on ELive today.

Mariel was a bit feeling awkward while interviewing Robin but she
obviously felt like heaven as "Idol" declared on national t.v. that he
loves Mariel, who happens to be celebrating her birthday on ELive.

"Hindi ako nagsisinungaling. Totoo 'to Mariel. Kung sagutin mo ako o hindi, ingatan mo ang singsing na 'yan.
Hindi ako nagsisinungaling sa 'yo Mariel (dahil) MAHAL KITA" Robin said.

And Mariel was crying while hearing those words from Robin. She obviously feels the same way.

That was actually the last part of the interview and Mariel later said that it was her best birthday celebration ever on ELive. (It was actually one of ELive's best episodes ever!)

Earlier in the interview, Robin kept on telling Mariel, "Wala akong
sabit", probably because Mariel still has doubts over Robin's real

It was also the most perfect time to answer the issue that they're secretly married. Robin said, "'Yung sa kasalan po, hindi po namin itatago sa inyo...kung papayag si Mariel na pakasalan ako."

They also talked about the reported P2M-worth diamond ring in which Robin has admitted that it indeed came from him. Robin said it was her gift for Mariel and even compared her to a diamond. "Isa kang diamond na
dapat ingatan. Ang iyong kinang ay kailanma'y 'di kukupas."

Kinilig ba kayo? Ako, oo! Just like those who have made "Mariel" among the Top 10 trending topics on Twitter right after that interview. They for sure felt the same way.

Robin and Mariel also announced that they indeed have a movie coming up and shooting starts when Robin comes back after a long "Ramadan" leave.

Watch a video of the said August 7 episode of ELive with Robin and Mariel: (uploaded on Youtube by aries200035)

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