On CNN: Manila Vice Mayor Isko Moreno defends the Philippines

Former sexy actor and now Manila City Vice Mayor Isko Moreno was interviewed on CNN regarding the hostage crisis which happened earlier.

I wasn't able to watch it, but ABS-CBN reporter Niña Corpuz shared on Twitter an interesting post about the CNN interview with Isko Moreno.

Niña's tweet says: "CNN asked VM Isko Moreno what will he tell those who are now having 2nd thought of visiting the Philippines? Ans: This can happen anywhere in the world."

GMA News TV also on Twitter has a post related to that and Isko Moreno reportedly told CNN: "Generally speaking, I can honestly say, everyone is welcome in Manila, everyone is safe in Manila. This is an incident that could have happened anywhere in the world."

He also said that he's proud of how the Manila police handled the hostage crisis.

For some, VM Isko Moreno sounded like a beauty queen who failed in a Q&A portion while others defend him that he has no other intention but to defend the Philippines.

And just because of his statement on CNN, people have been talking about Isko Moreno that it made him one of the top trending topics on Twitter tonight.

Filipino-related terms are actually dominating Twitter right at this moment following the hostage drama. Six out of the 10 Trending Topics are about the Philippines: Quirino Grandstand, Isko Moreno, Rolando Mendoza, Venus Raj, Hostage Taker, Filipinos.

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