Claudine Barretto - Angelica Panganiban alleged Twitter War

Was Angelica Panganiban really the subject of Claudine Barretto's angry Twitter posts like August 4, 2010?

If you're going to look back at the Twitter posts of Claudine and Angelica, it's very unclear that there's a rift going on between the two.

On July 24, Claudine attached this picture on her tweet to Angelica: "I luv you baby sis ko! Miss you super!"

I luv u baby sis ko!missed u super! on Twitpic

Angelica, on one hand, responded by recalling the characters they portrayed in ABS-CBN's "Iisa Pa Lamang", "tama!!! Scarlet and Katherine :)"

According to Claudine, it was taken at the house of their friend Martin Castro. And Angelica's boyfriend Derek Ramsay was also with them. During that time also, Angelica hasn't made "peace" yet with Claudine's sister Gretchen Barretto.

So it's contrary to the reports that Claudine and Angelica had a heated argument at Martin Castro's birthday party, because Claudine was still able to tweet that after the party.

Claudine also tweeted, "@IamAngelicaP baby sis! I super miss you, hope all is well with you! You know that I love you so much di ba?"

It turned out though that it will be the last "tweet exchange" between Claudine and Angelica.

Then on August 4, Claudine made her Twitter followers wonder with her numerous angry messages to an unidentified person. Read on...

"Tweethearts ano ba dapat gawin sa traydor na kaibigan na walang magawa sa buhay kundi siraan ako, asawa ko, kaibigan ko at pangalan ko ng mga anak ko!!! Don't mess with my family ang stand ko!"

"isang daga na tago ng tago!!! Mahahahanap rin kita promise!!! Sana di mangyari sa 'yo to if pakakasalan ka??!"

"if you're not guilty haharap ka diba????? Eh nagtatago. Cge ill pray or reflect after KARMA. Hahabulin ko nun."

"Lord pls sana tonight na dalawin siya ng konsensya at karma!!!"

"you're not worth it girl! I keep praying for your soul, napakasama ng ginagawa mo!!!"

"sana di ka pa nalulunod sa success, sana ma-remember mo yung magagandang bagay na ginawa namin ng family ko for you. Sana."

"'di pa tapos to. You cannot forever hide. God knows and sees your heart 'n soul."

"if you're not guilty or you really know me why didn't you face me?"

"Respect? San part mo ako nirespeto?"

Way too long.

It's indeed not clear if it's Angelica or not. When you read Angelica's tweet the same day, there was no sign that she was fighting with someone else.

But Claudine gave out a clue the same day as to whom she's addressing her tweets: "Itago na lang natin siya sa pangalang --------!!!!"

It's an 8-letter name and incidentally, Angelica has 8 letters.

On August 8, four days after those tweets by Claudine, Angelica apologized to Gretchen Barretto on The Buzz over what she said to the latter back in June.

In a recent interview, Claudine opted not to reveal the name of the girl she's at war with. When asked if it was Angelica, she neither confirmed nor denied.

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  1. para nman ADIK si claudine.. gumagawa ng sariling problema ... Good for Angelica.. hindi siya pumapatol sa ka cheapan ni CLAUDINE.. eiwwwwwwwwwww.. nag papainit ng panglan ang lola CLAUDINE MO.. HAY .. kaloka nman .. luv u ANGELICA.. IDOL kita.. GODBLESSSSS