Philippines vs Mexico for the Miss Universe 2010 title

(Based on Mykiru's scores and your votes)
as of August 15, 2010

We have seen a lot of Philippines-Mexico boxing fights at the Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, and on August 23, the Miss Universe 2010 finals will be held on the same venue. Will the pageant also have
Philippines and Mexico in a fierce battle for the title?

1. Philippines, Maria Venus Raj
2. Mexico, Jimena (Ximena) Navarrete Rosete

3. Venezuela, Marelisa Gibson

4. Colombia, Natalia Navarro Galvis

5. Puerto Rico, Mariana Paola Vicente

6. Trinidad & Tobago, LaToya Woods
7. Russia, Irina Antonenko
8. France, Malika Ménard
9. USA, Rima Fakih
10. Brazil, Deborah Moura Lyra

11. Ireland, Rozanna Purcell
12. Albania, Angela Martini
13. Thailand, Fonthip Watcharatrakul
14. Indonesia, Qory Sandioriva
15. Jamaica, Yendi Phillipps

16. Dominican Republic, Eva Arias
17. Canada, Elena Semikina
18.5 Haiti, Sarodj Bertin
18.5 New Zealand, Ria van Dyke
20. Spain, Adriana Reverón

21.5 Guatemala, Jessica Scheel
21.5 Peru, Giuliana Zevallos
23. Australia, Jesinta Campbell
24. South Africa, Nicole Flint
25.5 Denmark, Ena Sandra Causevic
25.5 Japan, Maiko Itai
27.5 India, Ushoshi Sengupta
27.5 Sweden, Michaela Savic
29. Korea, Kim Joo-ri
30. Ukraine, Anna Poslavska

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