Venus Raj Question and Answer Portion in Miss U continues to make headlines

A day after Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj won as 4th Runner Up in the Miss Universe 2010 pageant, the Filipina-Indian beauty continues to make headlines worldwide.

That's still in connection with her controversial answer during the "question and answer" or the Q&A portion of Miss Universe 2010 where she was asked to cite one big mistake that she made and how did she fix it.

Yesterday, Venus Raj's answer already created buzz on Twitter as among the top 10 trending topics. (Read: Venus Raj "Major Major" answer in the Ms Universe 2010 Q&A Portion is trending on Twitter). Until now, "Major Major" is still trending at #5 with Venus in #10 and that's almost 36 hours already after the pageant night.

The search term "Miss Philippines 2010 answer" even placed 10th in Google Hot 100 Trends worldwide and that's aside from the queries such as "venus raj", "venus raj question and answer", "major major" and "miss philippines" which also among the top trends on Google but were ranked lower.

At one point, Venus was also in the banner story of Yahoo! Homepage.

And up to now, Miss Philippines 2010 Venus Raj continues to make headlines as some foreign news and gossip sites continue to tackle her "question and answer" portion during the Miss Universe 2010 Finals. Read these articles:

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(The Blemish) Miss Philippines needs to pay attention
(ABC News) Miss Philippines Said She'd Never Made a Major Mistake, Ruining Chance of Winning Beauty Pageant
(Examiner)Miss Philippines makes biggest mistake of her life at 2010 Miss Universe Pageant
(Zap 2 It) Miss Philippines 2010 vs. irony: The answer that cost her Miss Universe
(Jack Times) Miss Philippines 2010 Answer Made Her Lose Crown
(Best Week Ever) Miss Philippines Has Never Made A Mistake. Except For This Answer
(The News of Today) 2010 Miss Philippines, Venus Raj’s Answer Costs Her Crown
(The Epoch Times) Miss Universe 2010: Miss Philippines Venus Raj Stumbled on Question
(News Provider) Miss Philippines 2010: Wrong Answer, No Crown!

I liked best the article from ABC News. According to the writer, the question to Miss Philippines was actually a difficult one that even former US President George W. Bush was also asked the same question but answered nothing.

It also said that even the smartest people find the question tough.

However, it suggests that just like in a job interview, one must always be prepared to answer a question like that. It can actually be asked not only to Venus but to everyone at any time.

I must admit, if I were in Venus' situation, I would also have a hard time pinpointing one big mistake especially when asked on the spot, thus I would just end up answering "nothing" just like what she did.

And also, the question was to cite a big mistake, and not simply a mistake, so it's kinda believable that Venus indeed never had a "big" mistake or in her own terms, "major, major problem".

But those write-ups all boil down to the fact that Miss Philippines Maria Venus Raj could have won if only she gave an impressive answer.

I believe though that even if she answered well, she'll end up as high as 2nd Runner Up only because the winner, Miss Mexico, and the 1st Runner Up, Miss Jamaica, were already the top favorites by the judges.

During the swimsuit round, Jamaica was 1st, Mexico in 2nd and Philippines was 3rd while in the evening gown, Mexico was 1st, Jamaica 2nd but the Philippines was only 5th. That means, the judges (and possible Miss Universe owner Donald Trump) were already eyeing on Mexico and Jamaica as the potential winner.

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