Krista Ranillo wedding picture | She married "Manny Pacquiao"!


Krista Ranillo wedding photo

Yes, Krista Ranillo has just been married to a Manny Pacquiao-type of guy.

Krista Ranilla's private wedding to Jefferson Niño Lim was held Sunday
afternoon in Long Beach, California, USA.

The guy is very Manny Pacquio, according to some people, from his
looks to his wealth.

Krista's husband happens to be her childhood sweetheart and owner of a
supermarket in L.A. Definitely rich!

Now that Krista is married to Niño Lim, probably the rumor linking him to Manny would finally come to an end.

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  1. baka naman fall guy lang to...could it be that Krista is carrying Manny Pacquiao's baby and so as not to spoil his bossoming political career, they opted to "stage" this "wedding"