Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps & Miss Philippines Venus Raj - Miss Universe 2010 Rivals?

Who says that Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps and Miss Philippines Venus Raj don't like each other?

Well, at least with that picture taken at the Elvis show on Tuesday, we can say that the rumor about Miss Jamaica Yendi Phillipps and Miss Philippines Venus Raj not liking each other is untrue. Or maybe they're not just being transparent of what they feel of each other?

I believe that there's really no bad rivalry between Yendi and Venus. Maybe, there is indeed a competition between them but only when it
comes to winning the Miss Universe 2010 crown.

Add to that is how their respective fans love to pit them against each other. Maybe, it's only the fans who are creating the stir and the rivalry between Jamaica and Philippines.

Both considered as favorites, Miss Philippines and Miss Jamaica are now the Top 2 highest-rated contestants in the Miss Universe official


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Photo courtesy of the Jamaican delegation

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