Rumored Pregnant! Mariel Rodriguez takes a break, flies to Hong Kong

"Buntis ba si Mariel Rodriguez?"

That's what everyone's asking now after Mariel Rodriguez made a shocking decision of taking a leave from work and have a long vacation.

On Pilipinas Win Na Win earlier, Mariel was missing already and that's because she filed an indefinite leave and left the country for a Hong Kong trip.

And on SNN tonight, Mariel was interviewed before she left that she's also planning to go to Singapore, India or anywhere she wants to.

We can't blame people to conclude Mariel as pregnant because she made a very surprising decision.

And it seems like she's not alone in her Asian escapade. Is Robin Padilla, her rumored boyfriend, vacationing with her now?

Last week, Robin also left Pilipinas Win Na Win temporarily because he has to observe Ramadan.

And in my previous post, I mentioned there that Mariel is also rumored fasting for Ramadan too just like Robin. (Read: Robin Padilla starts Ramadan 2010 fasting | Mariel Rodriguez fasting too?

On Twitter, Mariel has assured her 232k followers that she will come back. "I shall return. I love you all =) much thank you for the love. I'm happy. Let's all be happy," she said.

Mariel has granted an interview with Bianca Gonzales before she flew to Hong Kong and there she revealed the real reason of why she left. Is he pregnant or just vacationing with Robin? Know the answer this Saturday on ELive.

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