Kris Aquino comes back on Twitter

After 50 days of being inactive on Twitter, Kris Aquino has decided to tweet again. Why, why, why?

Kris has just posted a tweet about half an hour that she's definitely back on Twitter and the reason why.

It says: "I'm back. Y? Because we live in a democracy & I'm allowed to use my voice. I promise to be prudent & not be motivated by anger or hate. Will try to be kind & mature. I'm SO BACK. Love Love Love!!!"

So welcome back!

Remember last June 18, Kris officially left Twitter in the midst of the controversy that she and husband James Yap have broken up.

It was actually on Twitter that people began speculating about their breakup because Kris wasn't mentioning James in her tweets for the longest time.

On her farewell tweet that time, Kris said being quiet is the only thing she could do as sister to President Noynoy Aquino. "So in the interest of keeping what is left of our privacy - I will suspend being active on Twitter. It doesn't make sense for me to leave SNN & Buzz & keep this avenue open for people to speculate & judge," she said last June 18.

And this August 8, Kris reconnects with her over 200k followers. Yes, after almost 2 months of not tweeting, Kris' followers on Twitter are still there.

In fact, it even went up while she's gone. From 220k when she left in June, it's now 281k, and still has the 2nd highest # of followers among the Filipino celebs on Twitter.

Still on top is Anne Curtis with 387k then Kris with a far 281k, followed by Bianca Gonzalez (228k), Mariel Rodriguez (225k), KC Concepcion (206k) and Angel Locsin (204k).

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