Robin Padilla starts Ramadan 2010 fasting | Mariel Rodriguez fasting too?

Today, August 11, the Muslim's Ramadan 2010 officially starts and for sure, actor-host Robin Padilla has already started his fasting for Ramadan.

The Ramadan 2010 will continue until September 8 and during that time, Robin will observe fasting. Fasting times vary from this day onwards depending on the sunrise, but usually, it begins 4:30 in the morning and ends 6:00 P.M.

(Please just correct me if I'm wrong)

During those times, Robin won't eat, drink nor smoke and would offer prayers.

He will also refrain from doing sexual activities during fasting times. Kaya ni utol 'yan!

Last Saturday, Robin announced on Pilipinas Win Na Win that he had to temporarily leave them show to observe Ramadhan.

Co-host Kris Aquino did mention that during Ramadan, Muslim men should keep away from sexy girls.

Oh no, Mariel Rodriguez is a sexy girl, does it mean she won't be seeing Robin during this time?

Pwede naman siguro, as long as it's not between the fasting hours.

Last night, before Robin observes Ramadan, he was spotted attending the surprise birthday party for Mariel. (Or did he organize it?) So for sure, he had lots of food, drinks and Mariel moments that night.

But how true that Mariel will also observe Ramadan 2010? She's not Muslim but she reportedly will do so for Robin. It must be love!

If that's true, that would just spark rumors that the two are already married, which has already been denied by the two last Saturday on ELive by Mariel's manager Boy Abunda on SNN the other night.

Some fans have also noticed Mariel not tweeting that much on Twitter lately which was not the case before. One fan asks, "pinagbabawalan na ba?"

Mariel's last tweet more than a day ago said that her Uber Twitter is messed up that's why she's not tweeting that much.

For today, she hasn't tweeted yet and still silent about the party with Robin last night.

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